At D&W Motorsports we use only high quality virgin powder.

We have all the standard and many custom colors metalics, translucents, and iridescents. No job is too small, production jobs are welcome.

We make sure all parts are thoroughly media blasted, cleaned and inspected prior to performing the powder coating process. Intakes , valve covers, oil pans, etc. are all thoroughly washed with hot soapy water and blown dry with 145 lbs of air preasure to remove any media residue. All machined surfaces are taped, all threaded holes are plugged.

Advantages of powder coating are: is much more durable than most paints, it does not scratch or chip as easily as paint. Powder coating does not fade, and can tolerate under hood temperatures and the outside elements better than most paints. Powder coating does not stain from gasoline, most brake fluids, hot water or antifreeze as paint will. It can be wiped clean, washed, and even waxed if so desired.

At D&W Motorsports we give all our customers that personal touch!

Examples of usage:
Valve covers, intakes, oil pans, gas tanks, motorcycle frames, hood hinges, cross members, suspension parts, radiator supports, plenums, brackets, wheels, drive shafts, coil springs. Household usage , metal lawn furniture, outside hinges, kitchen hinges, any type of hardware, light posts, railings.

Examples of powder coated items:
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